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Agreed to Differ, Resolved to Love and United to Serve

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Our main focus is "Strengthening Families in the 21st Century". Our goals are to be prayerfully informed and proactive in terms of six issues:

Diversity and Anti-racism

Church Women United has always been in the forefront of the civil rights issue and continues to support anti-racism.

Health and Healthcare

We have been active in helping to pass Proposition 203 and Proposition 204 (Healthy Arizona) to gain health coverage for poor families.


We regularly have educational forums on various subjects. Knowledge is the key to appropriate action. Please see the Calendar for details.

Violence & Hate Concerns/Issues

We stand for peace, especially in the legislative and political arena where we make our voices heard.

Economic Justice

We help support many local agencies and we also work legislatively for change.

Images in Media & Technology

This was our focus for 2003 with forums having panelists from the media to see how we can affect inappropriate images.

Other Issues

Church Women United has a long history of supporting local agencies such as rape crisis centers, Ronald McDonald House, battered women shelters, the Food Bank, Pima Council on Aging and the Job Corps Center. We care and work to make a difference. There are also women who regularly watch the political scene for ways we can call or sign petitions to be part of change for families and children.

Our money goes to international needs as well as local needs. We offer our pennies, along with our prayers, in the Fellowship of the Least Coin which creates an amazing amount of money each year to go where it can be helpful in the world.

See our
Ecumenical Action page for specific movements and programs and how to get involved.