Agreed to Differ, Resolved to Love and United to Serve

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At the May Friendship Day Celebration in 1989, Martha was presented the CWU in Tucson Valiant Woman Award and the local unit had this to say:

“Your co-workers in the Tucson Unit of Church Women Unit are pleased and proud of your recent selection as President-Elect of Church Women United in Arizona. Many of us remember your work in the Migrant Ministry back in the sixties when you were involved in both local migrant workers’ camps and the Arizona Migrant Ministry. Having a baby during this time didn’t slow you down; you just took little Rhonda with you.

You were a part of the transition of the migrant work as it evolved into the Farm Labor and Indian Ministry—FLIM—and you continue the work on a task force that seeks to find ways to continue this work. We thank you for generously sharing your many talents, not only with us but with our state unit. You have served us all in many capacities over the years promoting and supporting CWU with zeal and effectiveness.

You took on the task of chairing the Tucson Unit’s Fund For the Fifth Decade which succeeded in producing funds for several local outreach causes as well as the National program. You have been and continue to be faithful to your conviction that CWU can be a moving force for good in today’s unsettled world. We salute you as truly a Valiant Woman and present to you this Certificate given at our request by the National President, Clara Randale.”

In 2014, Martha continued to share her talents with the Tucson Unit, serving as Representative to the Armory Park Foundation Board, Resource Coordinator, Treasurer and historian for those of us that are learning about CWU.

We proudly honored her with the second National Presidential Award issued by our current National President, Marilyn Lariviere.