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​Lisa Hopper did. As the founder and CEO of World Care Civilian Emergency Relief Center, author, international consultant and lecturer, adjunct lecturer at the University of Arizona Honors College in International Studies and Social Entrepreneurship and an alumni Honorary Commander for the 355 Aerospace Medical Squadron at Davis Monthan Air Force Base, Lisa has led a fascinating and storied life guided by a extraordinary vision.

Agreed to Differ, Resolved to Love and United to Serve

2013 cwu human rights award recipient: LISA HOPPER

How may of us are brave enough to dramatically change the course of our lives because of an actual, physical, go to sleep at night, dream? A dream so strong and captivating that following it takes you to a place never before imagined. Would you have the strength and commitment to follow through?

Born in Chicago, IL in 1961, Lisa’s taken a few different journeys. She enlisted in the Women’s Army Corp at 18, earned her B.S. in Physics and Radiology from George Washington University at 32 then becoming the Department of Radiology Technical Manager for George Washington University Hospital. In 1994, Lisa took a position at University Medial Center in Tucson at the same time fostering a small, non-profit organization called World Care. In 1997, she took a leap of faith, left the medical industry, put all of her retirement savings into World Care and devoted herself to developing the organization. Since its inception, World Care has grown into one of the largest emergency relief organizations in the country responding to disasters in Southern Arizona and around the world. Developing her intuitive skill of repurposing waste for the greater good, Lisa created a self-sustaining program called the Recycling Revolution Program, which recycles surplus materials and supply to create usable resources for health, education and sustainable communities worldwide. She has been recognized internationally for her accomplishments.

While Lisa’s transformation into globetrotting, humanitarian aid relief visionary has been remarkable, what many don’t realize is that it was born from a recurring dream. “I am dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, standing in front of an airplane in the desert where the haze is just burning off in the morning sun. The airplane has “World Care” written on its side. I’m holding a clipboard and checking what seems to be a large load of shipping boxes spread before me on the sandy airstrip.” (1) Imagine. Coming from a world of science and logic and learning to trust the course of your life to a dream.

After enduring and overcoming uncertainty and overwhelming obstacles, Lisa brings a message of hope and inspiration while providing clues and tools to help each of us trust the messages of our subconscious with her “Dare To Dream” series.

(1) Lisa M. Hopper, In The Wake Of A Dream