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Agreed to Differ, Resolved to Love and United to Serve

2014 Christmas Cookie Ministry
Pima County Jail Report

Thank you First Christian women, children and sojourners, and all the communities of faith comprising Church Women United all across Tucson who baked and purchased cookies over the weekend filling boxes with different homemade and like homemade cookies.

On Monday the individual churches representing Church Women United began dropping off cookies at 740 E. Speedway and, while awaiting the deadline Debbie Munhall and I baked more cookies.

On Tuesday Claudia Ellquist filled up her pickup truck and away we went eventually arriving at the proper location of the “new” new (actually old and familiar) location of the building east of the jail. I recognized some familiar faces but there were far too few laborers in the “field” that morning when Sharon Sorensen and I began filling baggies with cookies for the inmates. Please mark your calendars for next year (second week in December is a good guess). Leaving to attend a concert at FCC by Janet Tolman and guests, more cookies had been dropped off. Claudia made three trips to the Jail on Tuesday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014 involved caroling and distribution at the Jail. I cannot begin to tell you about experiencing meeting inmates, singing carols and sharing the Good News of Jesus to eager souls. You will need to experience this joy for yourself next Christmas Season 2015.

Merry Christmas and blessings for the New Year!

Susan Harris